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Fpkite Certified SchoolBEGINNER COURSE



For those who have never kited before and want to go through the basic

This course is for you that have never kited before, or that haven’t kited for a while and want to go through the basics one more time.

We’ll give you a fun and encouraging introduction to kiting, and share the stoke when you ride your first meters on water.

Our experienced instructors will make sure that you develop your skills in line with your level and that you’ll feel safe during the lessons.
It’s all about having fun together.

Equipment and safety theory
Know the use of the safety systems
Theory and safety rules
Understanding the wind window and basic kite flying skills
Kite set-up and kite maintenance
Body dragging with board (water)
First water start (water)
Basic riding in both directions

Self rescue
Hand signals
Individual coaching
Launch and land the kite
Re-launch the kite on water
Basic downwind body dragging and advanced upwind body dragging (water)
Walking with the kite downwind and upwind
The teacher will see the things you need to improve, and help you so you’ll achieve the goals of the course and avoid the usual mistakes beginners do.

Fpkite Certified SchoolADVANCED LESSONS



For kitesurfers that have already started but still need a safe environment to progress.

Kitesurf School Alvor We also offer for those wanting to learn how to jump, unhook, kiteloop and other tricks that you need for your evolution on the sport.

Also if you need a refresh we can point you out on the right direction.

We have a safety boat for transport to the spot and rescues at high tide.

Below is an idea of what you will learn in your lessons but we are flexible and can tailor the lessons to any ability and level if you have had lessons before or for learning at your own speed.

A normal day In general the NW wind only blows in the afternoon and you can expect from 15 to 25 knots. We meet at the kiteschool around 1 or 2 pm, depending on the tide and wind forecast, and then we take you by boat to the kitespot at the lagoon. We always confirm the meeting time on the previous day. What you will learn. We always adapt the lesson to your needs. It means that after a chat with your instructor he will see what you know and what you don’t know and go on from there. Sometimes a quick refresh is enough for you to feel confident again and progress faster.

Kitesurf School Alvor:If it’s your first time the lessons will be step by step with all the safety and the support you need. You will progress at your own pace, as you will be fully equipped for the entire lesson. No sharing or waiting!

Erik van Vonderen

Alvor Kite Center is a truly, one of kind unique kiteschool where customer intimacy is performed as an art. The co-owner Nelson Nunes makes sure you'll have the best kitesurf holiday ever. Very good material, excellent kite instructor (Jakob!) and an impeccable service. All is done by Nelson to make your holiday unforgettable.
On windy days the lagoon is great both for beginners as more experienced kitesurfers. On days lacking sufficient wind, you can use Nelson's SUP-boards, go to the wakeboard park or just discover the environment.
I stayed in the guesthouse with pool of Alvor Kite Center which was top notch in hygiene, comfort, space and wifi, located just at the harbour. The service was perfect with a great, fresh breakfast each day.
For those who aim for the best, go for the ultimate kitesurf holiday at Alvor Kite Center. Nelson will take care of you as I've never seen before in all my years!

Erik van Vonderen
Birte Hen

We had a awesome time. 🙂 Even though we didn’t have the best windconditions during our stay, there was still a lot to do and we had quite some fun.
Very lovely staff. The first day we arrived we already felt like belonging to the “family”. They answered every question and were there for you not only during the lessons.
We loved that you had a perfect student/instructor combination and it never got to crowded. Also all the materials were in good conditions.
We stayed in the guesthouse which was nice and clean and fulfilled the trip.
All in all a perfect stay and we are looking foreward to come back some day!
The Best KiteSurf School Algarve

Birte Hen
Jai Whitehouse

I organised a university trip to Alvor during Easter and Nelson from Alvor KiteCenter helped us to plan the trip. He was super super friendly, and extremely helpful, on windy days he would tell us all the local knowledge we needed to know, and the beach or lagoon are both perfect kiting spots. There was also a safety boat at the lagoon which made all of the less confident riders feel much more confident. On the no wind days Nelson organised surf hire at a beach just down the road, and a day at the cable park which everyone really enjoyed, and which also improved some peoples board skills dramatically. During the night, alvor KiteCenter also organised a BBQ for us with unlimited sangria, and showed us the best local bars to visit. I would highly highly recommend kitesurfing in alvor and paying AlvorKite SurfCenter a visit - you'll definitely be glad you did!

Jai Whitehouse

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