Make sure the school you choose has certified kitesurf instructors, a boat always available at the spot, so the instructor is not swimming after you (rescue). And that you get the right time of the lesson that you are paying and your own equipment (kite), or you will find yourself sharing kite and doing half of a complete lesson.

This is what makes our school unique: and last but not least, we are the only kite school on this side of the lagoon, Alvor.


We offer kitesurfing lessons from our experienced Fpkite & Portuguese Sailing Federation qualified instructors, in groups of up to 2 people with full insurance, in the lagoon of Alvor.

We teach on the super friendly Eleveight PS and all the latest material from Eleveight Kiteboarding.
Lessons run for 3 hours a day and take place in the lagoon where you are surrounded by nothing but sand and water (no buildings, trees, rocks and other hazards).
With a Beginner course, students are usually up and riding short distances and bitten by the kitesurf bug!
We have a safety boat for transport to the spot and rescues.
Below is an idea of what you will learn in your lessons but we are flexible and can tailor the lessons to any ability and level if you have had lessons before or for learning at your own speed.
A normal day:
In general the NW wind (we call it Nortada), only blows in the afternoon and you can expect from 15 to 25 knots.
We meet at the kiteschool around 1 or 2 pm, depending on the tide and wind forecast, and then we take you by boat to the kitespot at the lagoon.

Meeting time will be always confirmed the day before.

What you will learn:
We always adapt the lesson to your needs. It means that after a chat with your instructor he/she will see what you know and what you do not know, and go on from there. Sometimes a quick refresh is enough for you to feel confident again and progress faster.

If it is your first time the lessons will be step by step with all the safety and the support you need. You will progress at your own pace, as you will be fully equipped for the entire lesson. NO SHARING OR WAITING !


For Kitesurfers that are Independent and just want to tag along with us.

€85 per person/day

If you are an independent rider and just want to tag along for the afternoon we can rent you the latest kitesurf gear.

We take you with us to the lagoon by boat and let you know all about the spot while keeping an eye on you.

For those of you with your own kite gear, you are free to store it in the school so you don’t have to carry it back to the Kitehouse.

If you have any breakages we carry out most repairs in house but can also organize more severe repairs with the local factory with a quick turnaround too.

We also stock the latest kites, boards, harnesses and other material in our shop if you are looking to buy while you’re here.

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